Luxury villa for sale in Hay Hassani. Large area 400 m². Well equipped kitchen.

4,600,000 DH

Hay Hassani in Casablanca

400 m² 4 Pieces 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms Good condition

Full description

Exceptional villa for sale. Price 4,600,000 DH. 4 living areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, floor area 400 m². Good condition. Gardeners.

This beautiful villa is for sale in Hay Hassani. Traditional Moroccan living room. Living room with European decor.

Be the first to visit this villa for sale. Fitted kitchen.

More features:

  • Garden
  • Moroccan lounge
  • European lounge
  • Equipped kitchen


Casablanca, Casablanca-Settat

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