Investment opportunity for 72 Apartments July 2023

1,981,560 USD

Kasba Tadla

900 m² 72 Pieces 4 Rooms 3 Bathrooms Good condition 1-5 years old 7th stage

Full description

Property type: Apartment
Property Status: Projects and Investments
City : Tangier
Neighborhood: Kasbah Tadla
Year: 2023
Number of buildings: 1
Lot size: 900 sqm
Average price of land per sqm: 22 000 000 dh
Average price of apartment per sqm: 20 000 000 dh
How many floors: R12
Minimum Profit: 114 000 000 dh
Number of Apartments: 72
One apartment building cost price : 400 000 dh
Ane apartment selling price : 2 200 000 dh
Total construction cost : 33 600 000 dh
Number of apartments in each floor : 6
One apartment sqm : 100 sqm
Luxury finish villas price per sqm : 4000 000 dh

If you are looking for investment opportunities in apartment sales in Kasba Tadla, Tangier in 2023, you have come to the right place. Here are some details that might interest you:

The total land price for this project is 19,800,000 DH, and the construction cost is estimated to be 33,600,000 DH. This means that the total investment required for this project is 53,400,000 DH.

The project is designed to have one building with 72 apartments, each of which has a size of 100 sqm. There will be 6 apartments on each floor, and the building will be 12 stories tall.

The cost price for each apartment building is 400,000 DH, and the selling price is estimated to be 2,200,000 DH. This means that the minimum profit for this project is expected to be 114,000,000 DH.

The land size for this project is 900 sqm, and the average area price for an apartment per sqm is estimated to be 20,000,000 DH. The average area price for land per sqm is estimated to be 22,000,000 DH.

Additionally, if you plan to provide luxury villas, the price per sqm is estimated to be 4,000,000 DH.

Investing in this project can be a profitable opportunity, given the high demand for apartments in the area. With a minimum profit of 114,000,000 DH, this project has the potential to provide a significant return on

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Kasba Tadla, Béni Mellal-Khénifra