• The Gardens of Ain Atiq
    From 235,000 DH

    The Gardens of Ain Atiq

    Economical, Completed

    Ain Attig

    Just a few minutes from the beach, two sections of the Jardins de Ain Atiq residence are being built in the heart of a rapidly developing re... Read more

  • El Mansour Laroui Residence Nador
    From 170,000 DH

    El Mansour Laroui Residence Nador


    Al aroui in Nador

    Your turnkey home in the city of Nador is located in the residence El Mansour Laroui, in an environment where greenery and serenity reign. A... Read more

  • Zahrat El Jadida Residences
    From 240,000 DH

    Zahrat El Jadida Residences

    Economical, Completed

    Riad Essalam in El Jadida

    The Zahrat El Jadida Residence, built as part of meeting the growing needs of social housing, was presented in 2012 by His Majesty King Moha... Read more

  • Jnane Al Mansour Tamesna
    From 195,000 DH

    Jnane Al Mansour Tamesna

    Economical, Completed


    Do you dream of serenity but your busy life requires you to be close by? The second part of Jnane Al Mansour Tamesna is perfect for you! Liv... Read more

  • Al Mansour Zenata Residences
    From 270,000 DH

    Al Mansour Zenata Residences

    Medium quality, Completed


    In the heart of one of the most dynamic employment areas in Morocco, the new town of Zenata, two sections of a residence highlighted by gree... Read more

  • Dyar Al Baidae - Lakhyayta
    From 180,000 DH

    Dyar Al Baidae - Lakhyayta

    Economical, Completed


    Does your lifestyle require you to live close to the center, but you want peace and quiet? Dyar Al Baidae, an exceptional social housing pro... Read more

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